This workout has 7 drills focusing on quickness and ball wraps to improve your basketball ball handling technique. A good handle can do so much for your game, it shoots your confidence through the roof, your teammates and coaches are confident knowing the ball is in good hands and your opponents are intimidated by you because they don't know what move is coming next, there is a major sense of respect for a good ball handler. A lot of you probably never thought about this but when you start coaching you need to teach everything about basketball other players wich will make you understand it better as well!

Try to use your fingertips to dribble the tennis balls, you have more control with the smaller tennis ball. Supposing you have the ball on your right hand, position your left foot in front of the opponent's right foot. Drill Type 4 - Two Ball Drills- Dribbling a ball in each hand will help you develop the ambidexterity needed to perform crossovers & drive to the hoop from either hand. Stronger hands help enhance your shooting range, ball handling, passing, catching and rebounding.

Most players do a lot of stationary dribbling/ball-handling ball handling basketball drills: dribble with handballs or tennis balls, wear gloves, or put the ball in a basic bag. These video tutorials will guide you as you will be talk from some of the greatest ball handlers and shooters in this worldwide game of basketball. Pound dribble both basketballs 3 times and then cross one ball over in front of you and one ball through your legs at the same time. By keeping your team within this range, you can be certain that every shot they are take is building their essential basketball skills. When you do this you will notice that every aspect in basketball will be easier.

CP3, Stefan Curry, Skylar Diggins, Marques Haynes (He's for you old schoolers out there!), and whoever else are the best ball handlers you know, have made the most ball handling mistakes. This enables a player to get that fingertip control which is so important in basketball. You'll improve your passing and catching of the ball too because you'll improve your reaction time and get a better feel for the ball and how it comes off the ground at different angles, spins, and velocities. They will focus on putting the two movements together smoothly without double dribbling or bouncing the ball off your feet.

Whether you are a beginner that simply wants to learn how to dribble a basketball properly, or you are a high level player that wants to learn some advanced basketball drills and moves, you will find that Basketball HQ offers the best online training videos out there. Before you learn the between the legs move, you need to be sure that you have the basics of ball handling, and the simple moves first. Player receives pass in triple threat position while moving toward the passer and meeting the pass (teach ball in air/feet in air” concept when receiving a pass). Begin with stationary drills and work your way up to full court running drills.

The player will then execute each of the moves commanded by the coach, taking the ball directly in front of them (cross), between their legs (between), or behind their back (behind or wrap). Full Court Sprint- This drill is best to be done at a full basketball court indoor or outdoor. One-on-one moves to create separation or to get to the basket are my main specialty and were the strength of my game.

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